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Bamboo Straws & Utensils — The Bamboo Emporium

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Bamboo straws - Bamboa Home

Bamboo straws (1) Bowls & Trays (18) Cake platter (1) Cutlery & Utensils (5) Eco Dining Ware FIBRA- compressed bamboo fiber (13) Tea & Coffee (4) Trays (2) straws

Bamboo Straws 5-pack — The Bamboo

One pack of 5 reusable bamboo drinking straws. These alternative straws are the only 100% from-nature option in drinking straws! bamboo straw

Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws. Reusable Bamboos Straws Alternative to Plastic Kids Straws. Set of 12 Reusable Bamboo Straws with 3 …,k:bamboo straw

Reusable Bamboo Straws | bambu®

Minimize your environmental footprint with these bamboo drinking straws. Our set of 6 straws comes complete with a cleaning brush for easy reuse. Shop bambu®.

Bamboo Straws | Zero Waste Victoria …

You can order the following: - 1 bamboo staw with a cleaner - Family Pack of 4 bamboo straws with a single cleaner - 12 pack of bamboo straws with a single cleaner.!

The Bamboo Emporium-Dragonfly

The Bamboo Emporium is the place to Shop for High Quality Bamboo Products from around the World. Bamboo Bikes, Straws, Sunglasses, Watches, Skateboards and …

Buy Bamboo Straws - Straw Free

Buy Bamboo Straws offers the only 100% made in the USA bamboo straws. We guarantee each of our handmade straws

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils | bambu®

Our bamboo utensil sets are sustainable and beautifully crafted for modern design and functionality. Shop spatulas, tongs, spoons and spreaders on bambu®.

BamBoo Roots Eco

BamBoo Roots Eco. Skip to ... I've given people their very own bamboo straws to use throughout their day at their ... sustainable utensils from @bamboo.roots?!

Bamboo Utensil Kits - Straw Free

Bamboo Straws. Buy Bamboo Straws; Cleaning Your Bamboo Straw; ... Included in the to-go kit are a set of bamboo utensils and hand-crafted bamboo