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Blocked Bidder

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You can block up to 5000 User IDs. To block a member, enter the member’s user ID and click Submit and to remove a bidder/buyer from your blocked list, ... › … › Other Business & Industrial

Buyer/Bidder Management - eBay

Buyer/Bidder Management: Use the following tools to manage which users can or cannot bid on, or buy, your items. ... Blocked Bidder/Buyer List: › My eBay

Buyer/Bidder Management - …

Blocked Bidder/Buyer List: Set up a list of bidders/buyers who will no longer be able to bid on, or purchase, your listings. The list will apply to all your items. › My eBay

Managing bidders and buyers - eBay

If you don't want to sell to certain members, you can put their user IDs on your blocked list. Members on the list can't bid on any of your listings until you remove ... › … › Managing your selling activity

Blocked Bidder List not working?? - The …

Every time a buyer causes me a 'problem' (ohhhh, my cat accidently bid on your widget-- can you please cancel my winning bid? can you ship it

Blocked Bidder List -- What does the …

If someone is on a seller's BBL and attempts to bid, what kind of message do they get?

blocked bidders list - The eBay …

it never ceases to amaze me the excuses i receive weekly on why a bidder is blocked from bidding on my items.As this week i have had five different › … › Selling on eBay › Seller Central

Setting buyer requirements | eBay

Your Buyer Requirements Activity Log includes who you blocked, the date they were blocked, and which requirement caused them to be blocked.

Managing bidders and buyers - eBay

We offer several ways to help you define the bidders and buyers you want to do ... you can put their usernames on your blocked ... A bidder contacts you to back ... › … › Managing your selling activity

Solved: Blocked Bidder - The eBay …

Solved: A potential buyer has contacted me about an item they want to bid on. They have been blocked from bidding because they have too many UPI › … › Selling on eBay › Private Seller Board