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HTML em-Tag Leichte Betonung eines Textes em und i betonen ein eingeschlossenes Wort oder Ausdruck. Die Browser stellen den eingeschlossenen Text in einer kursiven Schrift dar. In der Sprachsynthese wird ein Text in em leicht betont ausgesprochen, ein Text in i mit einer anderen Stimme.

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09/03/2018 · When I teach HTML I don’t use HTML5 definitions. I say b is bold, i is italic, u is underline and s is strikethrough. Seems somehow simpler, yes? I say b is bold, i is italic, u is underline and s is strikethrough. Seems somehow simpler, yes?

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30/06/2014 · Il tag DIV è uno dei tag più importanti del linguaggio HTML in quanto può essere definito come un elemento "neutro" del markup grazie al ...

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The HTML em element marks text that has stress emphasis. The em element can be nested, with each level of nesting indicating a greater degree of emphasis.

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What's the difference between <b> and <strong>, <i> and <em> in HTML/XHTML? When should you use each?

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Descripción. El elemento em representa texto con énfasis. La posición de este elemento en una oración y las palabras que encierra son …

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Guida all'HTML, il principale linguaggio Web: impara a creare pagine e siti in HTML, con immagini, link, tabelle, form per gli utenti e tanto altro ancora.

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Такое разделение тегов на логическое и физическое форматирование изначально предназначалось, чтобы сделать html универсальным, в том числе не зависящим от устройства вывода информации.

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In the HTML syntax, most elements are written with a start tag and an end tag, with the content in between. An HTML tag is composed of the name of the element, surrounded by angle brackets.

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Emphasis, as in stressing a word or phrase in a sentence. Optional Attributes. Global attributes. Example <p>That's <em>emphasis</em>, ladies and gentlemen.</p>