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Pressure Sensors and Transducers for HVAC

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Pressure Sensors & Transducers - …

With a choice of connectors, outputs and pressure ranges, Honeywell pressure sensors and transducers can be configured to meet the needs of the application › Products › Sensors

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Pressure Sensors and Transducers for HVAC/R, Industrial, and Automotive Use by Sensata

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Designing and manufacturing high-performance pressure transducers and transmitters for a wide range of applications, we have one of the most comprehensive and ...

HVAC Pressure Sensors | HVAC

A range of HVAC pressure sensors and transducers suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control and monitoring applications.

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HVAC applications range from residential furnaces and AC units used for home heating and cooling to large complex, ... Our pressure sensors (transducers) ...

Pressure Transducers & Monitors for

Setra's provides a wide range of high accuracy pressure transducers, monitors & low pressure calibrators for critical applications in the HVAC/R industry.

Sensors | Pressure Sensors and

Low-cost Pressure Sensors and Transducers for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Industrial Use by Sensata

Sensors and Switches for Potential Use in HVAC

HVAC Applications Board Mount Pressure Sensors, Basic ABP Series ... Pressure Sensors and Transducers Immersion Packaged Temperature Probes, R300 Series


Kavlico Pressure Sensors or C and efrieration ... HVAC and Refrigeration Systems ... Pressure Sensors’ low-range differential pressure (DP) transducers provide ...

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Our hvac system controls includes sensors and transducers, humidity and dew point sensors, and light level sensors. Click to learn more.