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The nature of this service depends especially on the nature of the benefice, office, or function assigned to the priest; the Council in particular desires (cap. xiv ... › Catholic Encyclopedia › Encyclopedia Volume

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Collegamenti esterni. Priest, in Il mondo dei doppiatori, Priest, in CineDataBase, Rivista del cinematografo. Priest, in, Mo-Net Srl.

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In historical polytheism, a priest administers the sacrifice to a deity, often in highly elaborate ritual. In the Ancient Near East, the priesthood also acted on ...

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Priest is a 2011 American post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction action horror film starring Paul Bettany as the title character. The film, directed by Scott ...


This word (etymologically "elder", from presbyteros, presbyter) has taken the meaning of "sacerdos", from which no substantive has been formed in various modern ... › Catholic Encyclopedia › P

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Cinema. Il prete (Priest) – film del 1994 diretto da Antonia Bird; Priest – film del 2011 diretto da Scott Charles Stewart; Fumetto. Priest – manhwa di Hyung ...

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01/04/2018 · Verb . priest (third-person singular simple present priests, present participle priesting, simple past and past participle priested) To ordain as a priest.

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