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The Melges E Scow

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The Melges MC Scow - YouTube

20/06/2015 · The Melges MC Scow, produced and manufactured by Melges USA. For more information, visit

The Melges E Scow -

For more than 80 years, the elegant and sleek E Scow has founded the tradition of fun and fast sailboat racing all over North America, from lakes and bays to ...

E Scow | North Sails

The E Scow class is one of the best Scow classes, and boats powered by North Sails have dominated recent national championships. The team at North Sails Zenda offers ...

The Melges 20 -

The Melges 20® fulfills the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast, well-built sportboat. With its introduction, Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to ...


The Melges E Scow’s asymmetrical douser system makes it easy to launch and retrieve your spinnaker

The Melges A Scow -

You are at the top of your game when you sail a Melges A Scow®. This magnificent Scow is impressive to watch, not to mention race.

The Melges MC Scow - …

As one of the largest fleets in North America, the Melges MC Scow® is a true Melges original. Designed, engineered and built by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges

The Melges 40

The Melges 40 - The RE-Volution of One Design

E-Scow - Wikipedia

The E-Scow is a sailing scow and the younger sister of the A-Scow. Both boats are manufactured by Melges Performance Sailboats. Its rigging is similar to the A-Scow ...


Facebook: Melges Rowe Sailing [email protected] ... Other than sailing the 49er Harry regularly sails A-Scow's, E-Scow's, and Melges 14's.!