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In C++ when to use WCHAR and when

I have a question: Some libraries use WCHAR as the text parameter and others use CHAR (as UTF-8): I need to know when to use WCHAR or CHAR when I …


19/04/2012 · Many C++ Windows programmers get confused over what bizarre identifiers like TCHAR, LPCTSTR are. In this article, I would attempt by best to clear out the fog. › … › Languages › C / C++ Language › General

Что такое TCHAR, WCHAR, LPSTR, …

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wchar_t attribute (Windows) - …

03/07/2018 · Parameters identifier-name. Specifies a valid MIDL identifier. Valid MIDL identifiers consist of up to 31 alphanumeric and/or underscore characters and must start with an alphabetic or underscore character.

wchar_t - C++ Reference

Type whose range of values can represent distinct codes for all members of the largest extended character set specified among the supported locales.


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Wide character - Wikipedia

A wide character is a computer character datatype that generally has a size greater than the traditional 8-bit character. The increased datatype size allows for the use of larger coded character sets.

c++ - How to convert char* to

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[Solved] Convert char * to wchar* - …

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[C/C++]Convertire da char ascii a wchar_t unicode | …

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