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Sponge Cities: What is it all about? — …

The 34 hectares urban storm water park in the city of Harbin in northern China is an example of successful Sponge City intervention. The storm water park provides multiple ecosystems services: it collects, cleanses and stores storm water and lets it infiltrate it into the aquifers.

Why China Wants to Build Something

23/11/2015 · Could sponge cities be the answer to China’s floods? Three years ago, when flooding in Beijing killed 79 people, the Chinese government was quick to blame the size of the storm, not the city’s failing drainage system. But the excuse didn’t persuade the public. News reports of fatal floods come

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A sponge city is a city that is designed to passively absorb, clean and use rainfall in an ecologically friendly way that reduces dangerous and polluted runoff.

China is Building 30 "Sponge Cities" to

12/11/2017 · Flooding in China continues to take lives, so the government is supporting innovators to create sponge cities that rapidly and safely absorb water.

Sponge cities: can China’s model go …

China’s ambitions–for its so-called ‘sponge’ cities–to slow, sink and store runoff exemplify a universal struggle of urban planners united with water professionals against a volatile climate. By James Workman As Xi Jinping ascended to power, he watched, all around him, the equally swift rise of cities. At his birth in 1953, cities ...

China's sponge cities: soaking up water …

01/10/2015 · Nowhere has embraced the idea of sponge cities as enthusiastically as China, perhaps because few countries are wrestling so painfully with the twin problems of rapid urbanisation and poor water management.

China's 'sponge cities' are turning

28/12/2017 · China's 'sponge cities' are turning streets green to combat flooding Replacing concrete pavements with wetlands, green rooftops and rain gardens means stormwater is absorbed back into the land, making water work for the city

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China's 'Sponge Cities' project could help to address the country's water resources, flooding and water scarcity challenges.

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Sponge cities – how urban wetlands

Flooding is an all too real risk for cities around the world. Climate change has made the sight of waterlogged homes and businesses a regular one in the media.