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what is poetry

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Poem definition, a composition in verse, especially one that is characterized by a highly developed artistic form and by the use of heightened language and rhythm to express an intensely imaginative interpretation of the subject. See more.

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Poetry really has no one set definition. Shadow Poetry defines poetry as the art of writing thoughts, ideas, and dreams into imaginative language which can contain verse, pause, meter, repetition, and rhyme.

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Poetry is a type of art form and a type of literature. Poetry uses the qualities of words, in different ways, to be artistic. different length and sound (of words)

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18/06/2010 · Don Paterson: 'Poetry shouldn't be on the defensive, because poetry doesn't have a case to answer.' Photograph: Murdo Macleod The winner of the election to decide the Oxford professor of poetry will be announced today, with the victor almost certain to be Geoffrey Hill. In a drunken moment, I

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08/09/2013 · We've been thinking about poet Meena Alexander's incredible address to the Yale Political Union, in which she refers to Shelley’s 1821 essay, A Defence of Poetry. The English poet's work famously stated, "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

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The definition of a poem is a collection of words that express an emotion or idea, sometimes with a specific rhythm.

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Definition of poem - a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes

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What is Rhyme in Poetry? Rhyme is basically a repetition of two or more words that sound alike. It is a widely used convention in many songs and different types of poetry like poems and sonnets among others. In a poem for example, the use of rhyme functions to unify the message of the said poem. One part of the poem may be …

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09/07/2018 · Poetry can be said to be a careful, inventive, or creative consideration of words written in order to convey some thought as a literary arrangement. Usually, but not always, the words written are designed to evoke emotion. Poetry can manifest itself as a two-word phrase, spoken word, or a one